Math Goes Hollywood

Cetati is tapping into the creativity of veteran artists and storytellers to deliver the missing-link of math education. Learn how our idea sprouted to deliver rigorous and engaging educational content.Continue readingMath Goes Hollywood

Our Disney Legend: Floyd Norman

The word legendary is sometimes overused, but Floyd Norman is an actual Disney Legend which is, in effect, the Walt Disney Company’s Hall of Fame. His journey with Walt Disney began in 1956 when its namesake was still running the company and includes work on iconic films like “Sleeping Beauty” and “101 Dalmatians.”Continue readingOur Disney Legend: Floyd Norman

The young guns–Marcella Gonçalves and Maggie Alikpala

Animators Marcella Gonçalves and Maggie Alikpala are both 2019 graduates from California art schools and are now co-workers, friends and roommates.Continue readingThe young guns–Marcella Gonçalves and Maggie Alikpala

Our Animator: Andrew Wilson

“Have Pencil Will Travel” could be the name of animator Andrew Wilson’s autobiography as he has followed work back and forth across the states during his long career. Continue readingOur Animator: Andrew Wilson

Artists and mathematicians unite!

What do you get when you cross a Ph.D. mathematics educator/content developer who won every local Science Olympiad as a kid with a Los Angeles-based voiceover artist who is a self-professed “professional nerd?Continue readingArtists and mathematicians unite!

Our Voice Actor: Bonnie Gordon

Cetati Studios were starting to voice some of the characters and they needed a female to do this voice, one to that that voice and another to do a different voice. Ken Mitchroney, Cetati Studios’ Supervising Director, said ‘What if I can bring in a girl who can do all of them?’ Continue readingOur Voice Actor: Bonnie Gordon