Learn – and Teach – Easier

Success in math requires a natural comfort with math language. Not definitions, but familiarity with basic words and phrases of math class. MathAround is an app that helps children achieve this fluency in an accessible, nurturing and fun way.

It’s hard to learn a subject when the book, screen, or teacher is using words in ways you don’t understand.

MathAround doesn’t feel like school work, yet it gets children ready for school math. It helps them catch up, keep up, and excel.

When children are fluent with basic words and phrases of math, learning is easier. And so is teaching.

Who is MathAround for?

MathAround is useful for every student in a classroom, at home, or both:

  • Children who are behind can use MathAround to help catch up.
  • Children on-track or ahead can use MathAround to help them do better with concepts and word problems.
  • Children who think they are no good at math or simply don’t like it can use MathAround to gain confidence, self-esteem, and develop and a more positive attitude.
  • Children can use MathAround to get ready for the next school year.

It enhances your current math program without needing to replace it. It can be integrated into your lesson plans in a modular way, or used as quiet-time independent math study. It is built with common web standards which allow any child to access it on practically any device, whether school-managed, public or family-owned, personal or shared.

Children as young as age 4 can use MathAround entirely on their own, and there is plenty of opportunity for optional adult or group involvement to discuss the topics. Our current K-3 content is tuned for kids up to age 9, but even adults find it fun and frequently challenging! Which brings up another great point…

MathAround also improves critical thinking skills. Our math-focused sentences are designed to require detailed comprehension without employing frustrating tricks. Taking your time is rewarded.

Math: √ Reading: √ Critical thinking: √ And how about social-emotional intelligence, too? √ Our animated content subtly covers common childhood social, physical and mental issues and creates a deep emotional bond with the characters.

Upcoming releases will also have interactive challenges where students employ math language and visualization skills via fun, un-timed, low-pressure tasks. These challenges help the characters progress through their stories. Just like how students use MathAround, we’re also taking our time to get these interactive challenges right.

Kids aren’t afraid of math. They’re afraid of feeling bad.

MathAround helps remove barriers to learning.

What makes it different?

First, our multidisciplinary focus on math language is unique and fills a gaping hole in math education. Our expert educators and curriculum developers have spent decades honing this content, finally able to package it in an appropriate digital format.

Second, but certainly not secondary, the level of engagement MathAround achieves is, well, second-to-none! Our leading team of veteran artists, character designers, writers, and animators hail from Pixar and Disney, having created some of humanity’s most beloved movies such as the Toy Story series, Monsters Inc. and even Sleeping Beauty.

How is MathAround used?

First, students watch an engaging animation, introducing grade-appropriate characters and their worlds. Emotional bonds are created and help motivate children to progress through the content.

Next, students learn math language using stimulating visuals, active narration, and positive feedback. Each grade level includes the words and phrases contained in state and Common Core standards, and even more that our educators consider essential for understanding word problems and math programs used in classrooms.

Then students repeat this process for any content level they or their instructor chooses.

  • Kindergarten

Is there anything missing?

Yes, a few things.

There is no scoring.

There is no performance evaluation.

There are no timers.

There is no pressure.

There is no anxiety.

Sometimes less is more. MathAround doesn’t get in the way of letting kids be confident and proud.

What about grades 4, 5 and beyond?

We’re building content for all grades, from basic concepts in kindergarten to algebra and probability. K-3 is available now and full K-12 coverage is planned for the near future.

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Find out more about standards alignment, our research/field tests, and download our teacher/parent guide that covers both in-class and at-home use.