Our Senior Math Writer: Dr. Maria Droujkova

“5-Year-Olds Can Learn Calculus?” Yep. Senior Math Writer Dr. Maria Droujkova brings her decades of experience in making math accessible and fun and looking at math holistically to Cetati Studios.Continue readingOur Senior Math Writer: Dr. Maria Droujkova

Our Story Artist: David Feiten

Dave shot Abe Lincoln — well, Abe’s Disneyland robot at least. Regale in this and other fun anecdotes from our tallest and most electrified artist.Continue readingOur Story Artist: David Feiten

Our Animation Director: Danny Ochoa

Unbounded collaboration at Cetati fuels Danny’s imagination and his goal to engage kids’ imaginations, too. Find out how Cetati is fulfilling his life-long dream of artistic creation.Continue readingOur Animation Director: Danny Ochoa

Our Supervising Director: Ken Mitchroney

Ken excelled in Hollywood but struggled with math in school due to dyslexia. Now he’s having a blast helping kids avoid that common pitfall at Cetati, and inviting all his friends to the fun, too.Continue readingOur Supervising Director: Ken Mitchroney

Math Learning and Language Literature Review

Math language fluency helps students build upon previous lessons, beyond mere proficiency with calculations, through conversation and visualization. Learn about how leaders in the field recognize the need to be able to communicate math.Continue readingMath Learning and Language Literature Review